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Whether you need a quick input for your next steps, or you need a complete strategy from someone who's experienced with all things online marketing, I've got you covered.

You can get one-on-one help from me in different ways that suits your business, budget, time or immediate needs.

1. Power Hour

1. Power Hour

  • Do you need someone to review your website and tell you what to change so that it gets you more clients?
  • Facebook ads not working? 
  • Landing page not converting?
  • Want to come up with an offer that your target market will really love but have no idea how to even start?

Whatever you want to pick my brain on, I've got answers that will help you get closer to what you want. Straightforward, actionable advice specifically for your situation.

We can get a LOT done in one hour! Plus you will fill out a questionnaire beforehand so that I can prepare for our session and we can hit the ground running in your Power Hour.

End result: you get unstuck. You will have a solution which you can implement straight away and it will bring you measurable results.

Investment: $140 for a one hour session (you'll get the recording too)

2. Consulting Package

2. Consulting Package

You are full of ideas, goals and dreams. You are also exhausted, overwhelmed, and worried that things will never change if you keep on doing what you've been doing.

Or you might be just starting out, and you want to avoid all those trial and error pitfalls that drive most starting entrepreneurs to the brink of giving up. You just want to get as successful as possible, as soon as possible. 

You know you can't do it all alone. You need someone who can tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.

You also need someone who holds you accountable and expects you to get it done. 

Imagine you have a business BFF who wants you to succeed with all her heart, and has the knowledge and expertise to actually get you there.

Marketing is a huge part of your business success. If you have a service that's making this world a better place and if you are certain you can deliver great results to your clients, then I'm here to help you get those clients and so much more.

What you'll get:

  • A step by step plan to get you going and growing
  • Weekly check-ins to make sure you're right on track (and course correcting if you're not)
  • Help with your offer, copy, messaging, social media strategy, pricing, short-term and long-term strategies and everything you need to make this dream a reality
  • If you want, I can even do it for you: setting up Facebook ad campaigns, writing your email autoresponders, re-writing your sales page... whatever you need.

You can use your hours in any way that suits you.

We can set up a one hour session every week. 

We can get together for a 3-hour intensive online meeting and figure out your course launch (complete with pre-launch content, launch emails, sales page and course outline).

And if you'd rather stab yourself in the eyeballs with a fork than write your own web copy, you can use your hours to get it written by me.

Whatever you need, really.

It's like having your own marketing genie you can pop out of the bottle whenever you need it.

With the ongoing consulting you'll always know exactly what you should be doing next, and you will have someone helping you out when you feel you can't do it yourself..

Investment: $970 for a 10-hour package

Got questions?

Got questions?

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